Lavender A, Handcrafted Pillar Candles by Grace
Lavender A, Handcrafted Pillar Candles by Grace

Lavender A, Handcrafted Pillar Candles by Grace

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Nature Inspired Candles Handcrafted by Grace Cunningham.

Grace is fascinated with the beauty and peace of nature and she has expressed this in creating arrangements & foral project. Her passion & talent allows her to create magical candles using wax with flowers, buds, nuts, fruits, leaves. 

The outer layer of wax creates a softer glow when the candle is lit releasing a soothing fragrance. The outer layer of wax eventually melts which displays a unique form of art. Once the inside wax is over, you can put in a tea light candle & the outer acts as a Lantern. 

Dimensions: Approx Dia 13cms x H 12cm

Soy Wax : 100% pure vegetable soy bean oil

  • no genetically modified material
  • no paraffin
  • no unnatural additives
  • no animal testing
  • no paraffin wax, pesticides, herbicides
Natural soy wax, supplied in Pastille form are blended especially for making a pillar or moulded candles. 

Natural oils are: 

  • 100% undiluted
  • Phthalate FREE
  • Premium quality uncut oils
  • Sourced from reputable suppliers from the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia

Palm wax are often the first choice in the Natural Candles for number of reason: oils are: 

  • All Natural Vegetable based wax
  • During Solidification, it forms an amazing pattern of crystal structures
  • These products are sourced from manufacturers who are part of RSPO, a world-wide organisation assuring sustainable agriculture.


** Please note these candles handcrafted so every candle is unique & diffrent. Also note due to the difference between monitors or screens, pictures may not represent the exact colour tones**